Air Cargo Terminal Services

SATS Airport Services is part of the SATS Group (SATS) which is a leading aviation ground handler in Asia, operating cargo terminals out of 10 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia and Oman) with annual cargo throughput of 5.4 million tons.

In Singapore, SATS handles 85% of the air cargo coming through Singapore Changi Airport, which is one of the World’s Top 20 Busiest Airports. Our warehouse is located within the Changi Free Trade Zone, with direct air and land side access, spanning a total of 140,000 m2 floor area. We have 2 purpose built terminals to handle cold-chain and eCommerce cargo, namely Coolport@Changi with IATA CEIV accreditations and eCommerce Hub with automated sorting equipment.

Beyond our cargo terminal services, SATS provides a comprehensive range of value-added cargo and logistics services to assist the freight forwarder community to improve process efficiency and handling lead time.

eCommerce (eFulfilment and eFacilitation)

SATS eFulfilment Platform

Serving a rapidly growing e-commerce market, SATS eFulfilment is a neutral and cost-effective B2C cross-border eCommerce logistics solution. Leveraging on SATS’ footprint as a cargo terminal operator across key eCommerce markets in Asia, we have built a digitally connected network of logistics partners to offer an end-to-end B2C cross-border eCommerce logistics solution. With the SATS eFulfilment solution, our customers are able to rely on SATS to execute the end-to-end logistics from shipper to consignee with full track-and-trace visibility of the parcels.

SATS eFacilitation Platform

SATS eFacilitation value-added cargo services provide freight forwarders with a full suite of cargo solutions within our airfreight terminals to facilitate faster, efficient and cost-effective air cargo import and transshipment via Singapore.

In order to cater to the evolving needs of the air cargo landscape, our eFacilitation services comprise of the following:

  1. Priority Collection – Consolidation of import shipments from different flights, break bulk, sort and ready for collection by Last Mile Delivery providers at a specified time frame for collection
  2. Multi-modal Sea-to-air – Forwarders can leverage on the world-class sea and air hub capabilities in Singapore to complement their existing shipping modes. A sea-to-air logistics modal provides a good balance between shipping costs and lead time. Working closely with Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), our Sea-to-Air (or vice versa) solution provides seamless movement of cargo between the sea port and airfreight terminals (AFT) in Singapore. This collaboration between PSA and SATS enables our sea-to-air customers to save at least 2 days of transit time in Singapore and provides forwarders with an end-to-end handling and processing of physical transshipment cargo from sea to air and vice versa. This includes the haulage of the sea containers from PSA port directly to SATS AFT, unstuffing of containers, sort, label and build up the cargo by outbound destination for subsequent air freight export.
  3. Quick Delivery Services – Expedited processing of import cargo and handling over to collection agent within 2.5hours from flight Actual Time of Arrival ("ATA")
  4. One Connect (Air-to-Air transshipment): - Processing time-sensitive transshipment cargo that is booked on different airlines for inbound and outbound flights, without the need to process cargo back at forwarders' warehouse